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10ml tin/133mg CBD

Our bestselling multi-use balm,Don’t let the small tin fool you, this gentle balm is wonderfully powerful! We like to think of our Endobalm as a ‘level-up’ from Vaseline- it can be used to combat period cramps, cracked lips, back ache, achey joints, and even to help reduce inflammatory skin conditions like eczema!

Endobalm Mini is the perfect size to pop in your bag, keep on your desk at work, or as a favourite in your bathroom cabinet!

Full product description:

Our Endobalm is made with a unique blend of natural ingredients, ranging from organic hemp extract (Cannabis Sativa L.), Jojoba Oil, Cacao Butter to Apricot Extract.  These ingredients work in perfect harmony to provide effective results on all skin types. Not only does it smell lovely but is also extremely smooth in its application.

The key ingredient, hemp extract, is produced using ancient alchemic methods in a state of the art Soxhlet extractor. Organic alcohol is circulated through the plant to extract the cannabinoids, and then an additional process of calcination extracts the mineral salts from the body of the plant to create a true full spectrum extract, meaning no part of the plant is wasted.

The balm will in theory last for up to two years, due to the use of a natural preservative in the form of Rosemary extract.  However from experience…. it’ll be long gone before then if you love it as much as we do!

Endobox is proud to present ‘Endobalm Mini’ as part of our range of gender neutral CBD products.

1 review for Endobalm Mini

  1. Nina Piraveau

    The balm is perfect! I love how it spreads and feels, and it definitely helps alleviating the pain when I get cramps. It makes my abdomen feel more loose and relaxed. I really like the small size of it! Super handy!

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