Message from Endoboxes founder

Ever since I was a child I’ve been the suspicious type. I was always suspicious of tablets, and always resisted them when I was ill. When I reached my teens, I battled with monthly period pains. I remember crying whilst squeezing a hot water bottle into my abdomen- flat out refusing to take pain killers.

I recall navigating the minefield of colourful products that lined the shelves of high street stores and supermarkets, searching for natural remedies, or personal care products that suited me. To no avail. Cheap, tacky, plastic, ambiguous products that look more like sweets and certainly never felt like the right decision.

Endoboxes was born when I decided that something had to be done about this. I deserved better.  That when it comes to personal care, we all deserve better.

So here is my period-care company, where our priority is to bring you period care products that are natural, and mean you can feel pampered like you deserve to! Endoboxes bring women together into a community where we can all talk about our stories, and learn from each other’s experiences. We will discuss all topics to do with women’s health, and will be led by you (our super community!).

So please join us, enjoy reading the blogs, get involved with the discussions, and let’s celebrate what it means to be a woman!

Interested in blogging for Endoboxes? DM on Insta or visit the contact page and drop us a message =)

Amelia Amin