Inside your Endobox you’ll find your choice of sanitary products, a CBD infused bath bomb/shower melts, a CBD infused truffle, and a CBD infused Endobalm.

Q -These all sound lovely, but will they stop my pain?

We aren’t allowed to make medical claims about CBD in the UK yet, but we suggest that you keep an open mind to alternative options when it comes to finding a way to manage pain around the time of your period. In our Endobox trial 97% of women said that they would prefer using Endobox to manage their period pain over painkillers, and 95% of women said they felt considerably less pain because of their Endobox. If you’re still not convinced to give us a go- have a google and a read about CBD to get clued-up. We’re not going anywhere.

Q- How did you pick the products?

We asked 100 women aged 18-35 what products they most want around the time of their period. Aside from the obvious, sanitary products, the feedback we got was that you like to take warm baths, eat chocolate, and (this one you weren’t keen on) that you often use painkillers. Respecting your decisions, your Endobox will include all of those, and a natural CBD balm to rub on painful areas (no pills here, ladies).

Q- Can I replace my other medication with CBD products?

This is a tricky question and we recommend you talk to your GP if you’re keen to change the medication that you’re on.

Q- When will my Endobox arrive?

Endoboxes get sent out via 1st class recorded delivery, four times a month, pick week 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Once we’ve dispatched your box we will email you with postal tracking information.

If you’d prefer to stock up, choose of 3/6/9/12 month plan and we’ll send a bigger shipment all at once.