Libido Locked-Down Too?

By Mitra

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January 20, 2021

You might have suspected it already. Covid’s taking a killer toll on our libidos.  Well, not specifically the virus, but the way it is affecting our lifestyles. If it’s been a while since you had sex, or had the desire to do so, don’t sweat it- you’re definitely not alone.

When WFH was enforced, you might have joked with you SO about all the daytime shagging that you’d be up to. But the reality has been quite different. Anglia Ruskin University  published a study in the The Journal of Sexual Medicine which investigated levels of sexual activity during social distancing and self-isolation. The key finding? Only 40% of UK adults have had sex at least once a week during the pandemic. Let’s break that down guys- that means 4 out of 10 people are having sex once a week or more.

Lee Smith, who led the study explained that when starting this research the reachers had expected there to be a high level of sexual activity while people were social isolating at home, but were pretty shocked to see that the results showed the complete opposite.

Unsurprisingly with a killer virus rampaging the world, it can be hard to swtich off from the bizarre everyday reality, and feel sexy.

If like most other people across the UK (probably the world over) Covid stress is getting to you, or you’re just not feeling up to it, it might be better that you take a break and don’t try to force yourself to be [hysically intimate with yourself/S.O.  Your relationship might even be stronger than ever for it. After all, if you’re not being sexually intimate, you have more time for other types of intimacy, be that talking, cuddling, or kissing. Those things are just as important for a healthy relationship. In fact relationships which are ‘sex-free-by-choice’ are probably blossoming most during this time, as the other types of intimacy are already well established.

However, if you are craving the fiery flame of passion then making a few tweeks to your lifestyle can make all the difference. Try these:

-You’re bored of being in your house all the time, and the walls of your bedroom are all too familiar. Why not change up your environment.  Switch to fresh bedsheets, burn a new candle, play some different music. Shake up your space!

-Get more exercise- it makes you feel better about how you look, and can boost your libido as well as your mood. Even just a walk will have positive effect on your mood.

-Tackle your stresses- write up a daily to-do list, and work to get on top your daily stresses.  Less stress will lift your mood and help free up your mind, which will enhance your sex life.

-Prioritize your intimacy – Set aside a nice evening with your S.O. Take time to make yourself feel sexy, but tossing the tracksuit aside and slipping into something more sexy. At the moment you can’t go out to a restaurant or bar, so make do with setting up abit something special at home.

-When you’re being intimate, take more time on foreplay for that better sexual connection. Remember it’s perfectly natural for it to take longer for you to get ‘in the mood’ if your mind is busy with other things.

-Stop the pre-bed sex. Fatigue is your libidos worst so try heading up to bed a little earlier… it might make all the difference.

Remember, it’s your business what you do or don’t get upto in the bedroom. Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not feeling your normal self. Things are totally abnormal right now and it’s important that we show respect for ourselves by acknowledging how we are feeling. Be gentle with yourself, your S.O, and those around you and just keep in mind that we are just miniscule parts of a far bigger picture. Often when we experience change and new feelings we can feel so alone- just know that you’re not. We’re all in this together.