My new best friend, Co-star.

By Amelia

- Endobox founder - Women deserve better - Nature-loving fashionista - Noisy introvert

January 18, 2021

Astrology is more popular than ever. And no wonder- the world is pretty screwed up right now. What with climate change, crazy political leaders, Brexit, and Covid-19, lots of us have felt our lives be turned upside down over the past year. But wait, one thing remains constant. The stars keep on shining, and astrologers are still astrologizing (is that a word?). Amidst uncertainity we have answers. And amidst the boredom, a rainbow of colours.  This year I’ve been dabbling with astrology and using the Co-star app.  I’ve got a lot to thank astrology for actually, it’s saved me from going crackers when I felt mega-stressed, and ironically, it brings me right down to earth when I need it most. So I wanted to share with you just 3 reasons why I love astrology. I dare you not to agree.

1) It’s all about me. When I check my horoscope, I’m thinking one hundred percent about myself. Sure my daily update may advise me to consider relationships, friendships, work, or whatever else, but ultimately, it’s me me me.  My relationships, my friendships, and my work. And you know what, in a day, what with all the other responsibilities that take up my time and attention, It’s rare that I’m just thinking about myself.  That 5 mins in the morning when I check my horoscope is me time. And whatever knowledge it imparts upon me, I’ll reflect on throughout the day. Which just means more me time.  And I don’t feel even the slightest bit guilty.

2) My horoscope doesn’t beat around the bush with me. If I’ve got any questions on my mind I can look at my horoscope and kind of get a simple yes or no answer with actionable advice.  Sure, it might not always be the right advice (recently I was advised by the Co-star update to try dressing as a different gender), and I might not follow it, but whether I do or don’t, I appreciate it.  Much like I would if a friend shared their advice with me, doesn’t mean I would act on it… but I’d still like to hear their opinion nonetheless. No matter what kind of a week I’m having, I can always count on my horoscope for some speedy, simple, advice. More often than not, I’d say the advice that I get is actually pretty accurate, too. An unbiased, honest, opinion? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me.

3) It gives my life some colour. Some flavour. A little je ne sais quoi. Feeling in touch with something bigger that what’s right here on planet Earth, makes me feel great. The feeling that I may have an outer-worldly connection, receiving guidance and counsel from the stars, is about as amazing as it gets.  Regardless of whether my morning horoscope positively improves the decisions that I make in the day, it certainly makes me consider my actions more. It draws my attention to the fact that each decision I make is of importance, and that every action will have a consequence. The interconnectivity of things seems overwhelmingly clearer than usual, and I’d say that since I’ve been checking my horoscope I’ve been less likely to put my foot in it that usual. I’m aware of being a tiny person in an infinite universe, and that means I’m that bit more considered in what I do.

So that’s what I think about astrology. Do you agree with me? Do you check your horoscope? I’d love to see what you have to say. Let me know in the comments below.