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120g/50mg CBD (enough for 2 baths)

50mg of high quality CBD meets an blend of essential oils that we’ve chosen especially for women, and just perfect if you’re in need of a little pampering, or if it’s your TOM. Ladies, you’ll love our Endopotion soak.

Lovingly handmade, and using the finest organic ingredients, this luxurious bathing delight is the perfect way of pampering yourself.   As you sink into a hot tub, watch the potion fizzle around you and turn your water a delicate pink.  Close your eyes and breathe in the heavenly scent of fragrances like frankincense, rose, and lemon… you’ll truly feel as though you’re above the clouds….

We are proud to inform you that this product is 100% organic and vegan, and comes in a biodegradable Kraft pouch.


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