Endo-oil- Day

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This beautiful broad spectrum CBD massage oil is infused with Jasmine and Bergamot. The delicate balance of organic and skin friendly ingredients make it perfect for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.  You can smooth it onto dry, freshly cleansed skin to soften and moisturise, or use it as a massage oil. We’ve collaborated with our good friends at LDN CBD, to ensure the Endo-oil is the highest quality around. The Endo-oil contains a broad spectrum CBD extract, which is processed to ensure the THC is at an undetectable level. CBD is recognised for a wealth of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making Endo-oil a real treat for your skin.

This oil is light, and uniquely combines fresh and floral notes, with the dreamy depth of relaxing Bergamot. Endo-oil- Daytime is perfect for men and women alike.

Endobox is proud to present ‘Endo-oil – Daytime’ as part of our range of gender neutral CBD products.


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