I want to break up with my skin

By Endo-Scribblers

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August 8, 2020

We’ve all been there. Your skin is p******g you off again. Now more than ever, our lifestyles and regular diets have been totally messed up and our bodies, and our skin, are paying the price. Loads of us have been having the same dilemma throughout lockdown, in fact this article was a hit when it featured in our Spring Newsletter (click the link to see your free newsletter).  We turned to you for your favourite tips and tricks on how to keep your skin in line, when it’s misbehaving. Here goes…

Your skin hates being indoors as much as you do.

Tip 1: Get outside and soak up some vit D. Be it a daily walk. 10 minutes on a balcony, or even a people- watching session on your doorstep

Is your skin dryer than usual? You might be dehydrated.

Tip 2: This one’s important. We might not be getting out as much but our body still needs about 8 glasses of water a day to be nicely hydrated. When we don’t drink enough water our body borrows it from elsewhere in our body. You might even have dry, itchy eyes too (yeah, that might be your tear ducts drying up, hun), or achey joints (hello, angry, dehydrated cartillage), and you might be more tired than normal (your body will take water from the blood meaning you have less oxygen and less energy!). Too forgetful to hydrate? Put a glass of water by your bedside and down it in the morning. Fill a sippy cup (do they have another name?!) and keep it with you all day. Oh, and drink more herbal teas 😉

Staying in got you down and out? You might be touching your face more.

Tip 3: Skin-picking will push bacteria deeper into your skin, making those red spots more angry. And worse, you’ll add more dirt and bacteria to the area from your fingers and nails. Don’t.

If you feel your hands creeping to your face, take a deep breath and tell yourself to go and find something to do that you enjoy.

Kiss me through the phone

Tip 4: Your phone is really, really dirty. Wipe it clean daily, and also try not to push it close to your skin when your chatting.

But I’m not even wearing make-up! This is so unfair!

Tip 5: It really is. We won’t argue with you on that. But despite being make-up free, to keep your skin in check, you’ve still got to make sure you wash, cleanse and moisturise your skin as normal. Lazy option = keep face wipes by your bed.

There are 10s of other reasons that your skin might be unhappy, including your cycle, hormones and this is not an exhaustive list.  Visit your local Health shop, or book an appointment with your GP if it’s out of control. And remember, regardless of the fuss your skin may be kicking up, YOU are not your skin. You are beautiful regardless. <3